Saturday, 1 December 2012

Galactic Taz Ball - Nintendo DS

Galactic Taz Ball - Nintendo DS
Rating: PG
Number of players: 1

For my first game review I chose a game I haven't played for a while. This game was released in 2010.
Story – Marvin the Martian and other UFOs came to earth and suck up things into the air to take back to their planet. They are stealing things like trees, grass and water. Taz, the Tasmanian Devil wakes up and sees objects being sucked away. The shadow of one of these objects looks like a giant chicken drumstick which excites Taz who then sets out to get the drumstick. You then control Taz to complete levels. There are two different types of areas that Taz must go into which are the Underground section and the Overworld. In the Overworld, Taz collects coins and destroys alien robots while navigating the course which is segments of earth being sucked up into space.

There are 25 levels and 5 boss fights. The first boss must be the easiest boss fight I have ever played.

 - In the Overworld the orange coloured alien robots can be destroyed by tornado and stomp attack.  Green ones can only be destroyed by stomp attack. Blue ones can’t be destroyed by anything.
-          - Collect 100 coins to get extra lives.
-         -  When Taz is on tornado mode he can go over water.
-     - If you keep falling down in a hard section, you can press select to move past that point but it will cost you one life.
-         -  It is like a big obstacle course which is fun and challenging.
-         -  Can choose to play in easy or hard modes.
-         -  It looks like the Looney Tunes cartoons.

      - Most of the game is played using the stylus pen which becomes a little boring and complicated to   
        control the character. I also like to use the buttons on the DS.
      - The story is hard to explain as there are no verbal explanations on the game, just brief video   
         between the action games

     It is a fun game to play and takes a while to complete all the levels. 
     I would rate it 7/10.


  1. Like your review of this game, Tom, even tho I don't think I would be able to play it. :-)
    Look forward to reading more reviews,
    Thank you
    Judy (Nicole's Mum)

  2. Hi Tom

    I like using computers but I am not very knowledgeable about games. I look forward to reading your posts so I can find out which ones I might like to try!